TM Uphill Challenge

We are proud to announce that we will again be the main sponsor of the annual Uphill Challenge in Luxembourg, which will be held on September 15th.

This charity cycling event has become a big success in Luxembourg and was founded 4 years ago in Luxembourg by Johan van den Berg, with the help of ex-pro cyclist Kim Kirchen and friends.  Last year here were more than 130 very strong riders and 20 teams including some exprocyclist.  The aim of this challenge is to climb the 236-meter hill at Charly´s Gare in Hostert (Niederanven) as fast and as many times as possible in 3 hours and to raise as much money as a possible for a worthy cause. 

Would you like to participate, or would you like to learn more about sponsoring options?  

For more information contact Johan van den Berg or visit the event website.