Tessa van Dijk

I’d planned to stay for one year — as a sunny break from Dutch life. Now 3 years have passed, and I haven’t even noticed.

I was at a point in my career and life that I had tried lots of different things —all equally fun. And I grabbed every chance to learn and grow.

After finishing law school in Groningen, I became a corporate lawyer at one of the Big 4 accountancy firms and jumped on the corporate rollercoaster of working and learning at full speed.

Meanwhile I continued teaching law at in-house courses and various law schools, just as I had during law school. I quickly discovered that I had a thing for corporate law. And I still love reading nicely drafted articles, minutes and agreements. Of course this makes me the laughing stock of the office, but I don’t mind….

For a while, I worked at a law firm and had my own private practice. But neither was my cup of tea. I didn’t like working alone, and the environment in lawyerland left much to be desired. I think the best results are accomplished when working together with multiple disciplines.

What did I really want? Working abroad was at the top of my list. However, my education limited me somewhat, so I focussed on the Dutch Antilles. I had worked with trust offices on Curaçao before, and I knew they handle a lot of corporate law, which was number 2 on my list.

After thorough research, Trustmoore stood out. I liked their website, but what convinced me was a photo of one of the managing directors standing in front of the Golden Pavilion Temple in Kyoto, Japan. I had visited there, too —and had the exact same photo of me!

So I wrote to him. “Dear Mr. Beunis, You do not know me. My name is Tessa, this is my CV and I think you should hire me.” I’m not usually this bold, but it worked. And 6 months later I moved with my cats to Curaçao. I haven’t regretted it for a moment.

Now I am delighted to work with very interesting people. Every day is different. I travel quite a lot, and get to see the world (and my family) regularly. And since I started at Trustmoore, the company’s focus has shifted to expansion while consolidating and continuously developing quality of products. I am proud to be part of all this.