Stefan Sluijter

A trust company? Isn’t that a company that sells mice and keyboards? That was my first reaction after reading the vacancy for account manager at Trustmoore in a local Curaçao newspaper in 2008.

I had just finished my bachelor’s in international business, and was looking back at my “professional” career. It all started at the age of 14, raking leaves in my neighbour’s garden, replacing broken chains on bikes, cutting steaks at the butcher’s shop, fiddled around with CDs to generate some groovy sounds at the local pub, creating masterpiece cocktails in a popular bar, selling millions of plastic bottles. Then, last but not least, teaching windsurfing in the Caribbean.

But it was time to stop talking about jobs and start an actual career. So I started as a junior account manager at Trustmoore in June 2008, when they only had 10 employees.

As I slowly learned more about the industry, I realized that this was the start of my career. So I specialized in trust services related to the ecommerce industry — and got the amazing opportunity to help build this division of Trustmoore into one of the leading service companies in the industry.

Then Trustmoore began opening offices in other jurisdictions, and Malta was one of our ambitions. Shortly after the incorporation of Trustmoore Malta Ltd. in 2013, our clients grew more interested in this jurisdiction. So it was time to open up a physical office in Malta.

That’s when I decided to pack my family, mountain bike and windsurfing equipment — and head to the shores of Malta. In November 2014, I was ready to build another successful branch of the Trustmoore group.

We managed to setup our offices in a beautiful old refurbished Maltese townhouse and recruited an amazing team of professionals. This has enabled us to generate a client base we could have only dreamed of earlier.