United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is a leading destination for Foreign Direct Investment. Companies choose to expand or move their businesses to the United Kingdom because it’s an ideal location. The United Kingdom has people with the talent and right skills, a simple and competitive tax rate system and a transparent regulatory system making it easier to do business.

Northern Ireland (NI), as part of the United Kingdom, benefits from a legal framework which is business friendly for international investors. It provides a strategic location to establish a business presence, with close links to the Republic of Ireland; advanced transport and communications links to USA, UK Mainland and European markets. Its skilled workforce is recognised globally, with 2 leading universities situated here and a strong focus on entrepreneurship and R&D. In addition, the region provides competitive operating costs, combined with the high quality of the labour force, resulting in an attractive place to establish a business presence.


London is a city that welcomes international companies looking to grow and expand. It hosts forty per cent of the European headquarters of the world’s top companies, and according to PwC, London is the world’s leading ‘city of opportunity’. 

International companies presently expand to the United Kingdom because they want to; access new or existing customers, develop new products and find new suppliers and partners.

Despite current uncertainty surrounding Brexit, we anticipate that the United Kingdom will continue to attract Foreign Direct Investment. As an international trading city with a high concentration of headquarters and corporate functions, all in close proximity, London will continue to offer unrivalled access to key decision makers and global businesses.