The Netherlands is the largest country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, and has a prosperous and open economy that depends heavily on foreign trade.

The Dutch economy is known for its stable industrial relations, moderate unemployment and low inflation — and the key role it plays as a European transportation hub.  The country has a highly educated workforce, mostly multi-lingual with a well-developed services industry including consultants, lawyers, tax advisors, accountants and a number of internationally renowned banks. As a result, the country leads in Europe in attracting foreign investment.

The Netherlands has more than 90 bilateral tax treaties in place, unsurprisingly, considering it’s one of the world’s most open economies, as measured by the volume of trade. Foreign trade and investment generate international flows, and tax may be levied in the host and origin country. In addition, the Netherlands has a participation exemption, no withholding taxes on interest and royalties and the expertise and experience of the reputable Dutch corporate services sector.

The Netherlands offers a stable political, fiscal and legal environment. This includes the legal protection of investments, which is ensured in many of the country’s bilateral investment treaties (BIT).