Multi-Family Office Services

If you are an individual or a family with accumulated wealth that includes assets spread around the globe, you need a solid, legal ownership structure to safeguard that wealth. Trustmoore provides legal infrastructure where needed, with the necessary expertise and staff to keep your wealth safe and in good shape.

Because of our family office background, we know how important it is to work together with you as trusted advisors and directors. So your wealth is protected and managed for you today and for generations in the future.

We can advise and assist you with family governance matters, including frameworks and transitions within generations. You can also rely on us to set up efficient legal structures, tailored to meet your family’s needs.

Our operational services range from administration, asset monitoring and other financial support to legal, corporate secretarial and governance related services.

At Trustmoore, we understand the importance of stability and trust, especially for private wealth. So we do our utmost to earn your trust, as a committed and longstanding partner.