‘A great team needs fantastic new members to become even greater’


To make a difference in our market, we need the best staff in the business. So at Trustmoore, we are committed to ongoing learning and training. We offer our people growth in the form of online training, peer groups and coaching. It is also important to learn from one other, and to understand other jurisdictions. So part of our training is done in-house.

The TM Academy is our internal university, where we teach each other about our products, policies, client approach and more. We are both the professors and the students, as we help each other by sharing knowledge, expertise and experience.

Every year, our people come together at one of our offices to brainstorm and train together. We not only focus on learning, but also on teambuilding, respect — and fun.

Personal development

Part of the TM Academy’s curriculum is the development of the “soft” skills. People are encouraged to develop their commercial, negotiation and/or management skills, either online or during real-time training sessions.

Professional expertise

The people who work at Trustmoore have a variety of expertise. So it’s important to keep developing our skills. Everyone is encouraged to follow in-depth training and share this knowledge with our colleagues.

Knowledge is shared online or during real-life training on a personal level, in peer groups. We have peer groups for every area of expertise, as well as per client group.