“Building a business or personal wealth in multiple locations? Trustmoore helps you to achieve this, while keeping everything well organised”


    International business and investments are increasingly affected by regulatory, tax and other legislative developments. To be successful, you must understand and anticipate the impact these developments have on your business operations, cross-border transactions and investment portfolios.

    At Trustmoore, we provide management, administrative, fund and structured finance services in different jurisdictions for institutional, fund, corporate and private clients.

    We focus on optimizing or rationalizing international corporate group structures, assisting start- and scale-ups and supporting alternative investment funds, as well as executing asset protection and estate planning strategies and wealth compliance and asset control.

    To support you on a global basis, our offices are located in countries around the world including some of the main financial centers.

  • Our history

    Trustmoore was founded in January 2005, in Curaçao. From the outset, we experienced substantial independent growth while remaining wholly owned by our founders and management.

    In 2009, we opened our Amsterdam office, followed by an office in Luxembourg in 2012.

    In order to increase our global reach, we subsequently opened offices in Singapore in 2013, Malta in 2014 and Gibraltar in 2016.

    Since 2017 we have opened offices in Hong Kong, London and Dublin. We also operate serviced offices in Switzerland, Cyprus, St. Maarten and Miami.

    Trustmoore intends to continue expanding globally and expects to add more services and offices going forward.

  • Why Trustmoore?

    Our global team offers worldwide trust, fund, structured finance & capital markets, compliance and corporate management services, delivered with dedication and personal attention, by the best people in the business.


  • Regulations and Compliance

    We have implemented strict procedures concerning client acceptance, and ongoing monitoring, in order to combat worldwide tax evasion, money laundering and terrorist financing. We adopt a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption.

  • Our brochures & Leaflets

    Please find all our brochures and leaflets in PDF version here.